About Me

Who’s the man behind the voice?

My name is Mark, also known as Marky, Little Mark, Funcle Mark, Malamute, Kid, Brother, Dude, Pooh Bear – all depending on whom you speak to. I’ve always had some affiliation with vocal work throughout my professional career, whether it be voice over, character acting, vocal direction, singing (for a very select audience and questionable as to whether you can call it singing). I’m a video Games industry veteran of 20 years, 10 of which have been with my own independent company founded in 2011. I have worked with several inspirational clients over the years and have been afforded the opportunity to put my hand to many a varied project, something which I hope to continue long in to the future or at least until my voice gives up on me.

What inspired you to become a voice actor?

It always felt like an unexplored calling. It didn’t occur to me for the longest time to make it something I focus on with any degree of exclusivity but through my own intrigue and the encouragement of others, I decided to investigate. As a kid, I think the idea of using your voice as a job only really struck me whenever I would hear a movie trailer. This and film dialogue would come to be the genesis of learning lines, impersonating and generally using my voice as something creative. I love voices – and it fascinates me how each person’s voice can be as unique as their fingerprint, but it has the benefit of audibility and recognition by others which made my love for impersonating or quoting movies so appealing.

What’s your voice over style?

Much as with anything creative, I tend to let others cite what they think that is. I’ve always been versatile in my creative endeavours, and enjoyed putting my hand to different disciplines within the creative arena. My style, if I even have one, is likely a compendium and tribute to anything or anyone that has ever inspired me to absorb or impersonate.

What’s been your most exciting voice over project?

Honestly, directing Keith Chegwin’s vocals for a video game I was making in 2007. I only used my voice for 3 things that day. Feedback, laughter and conversation. He was a fantastic person to work with, super positive and very infectious with it. May he rest in peace. Love you Cheggers.

What’s the project you’re most proud to have recorded?

Most likely the second game my company ever made that had actual vocals as a main feature. The game was for iOS and it was called ‘The Curse’. The main character ‘The Mannequin’ became quite beloved by fans of the game and it’s a world that I would love to revisit again one day for another instalment. He’s a delicious bastard that you love to hate, and possibly one of my favourite antagonists.